Our new recruits

Donald and Trump

We are pleased to welcome our latest additions to the team : Donald and Trump (we know …). They are especially welcome because they do a great job of ridding the vegetable plot of its slugs. Antoine, our permacultivator ( permaculturer ?) is relieved for his lettuce.

We are experimenting with techniques of permaculture on our site. According to Perrine et Charles Hervé-Gruyer, two French experts on the subjet,

“Permaculture is installing human systems which are harmonious, sustainable , resilient and need little work or energy input, like ecosystems. Its design concept has one central principle : each element should be positioned  – plants for example – so that they interact positively with the others. Functions are therefore satisfied by several elements and each element fulfills several functions. For example, waste becomes a ressource for someone else. Permaculture means being stronger as a group than alone, larger than the sum of its parts.”