Every year we produce two billion products in our factory. But contrary to what you think, they are not envelopes but …

     … ecovelopes !

We produce envelopes

which are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Using paper envelopes contributes actively to developing the European forest. Every year, 180 000 trees are replanted thanks to Pocheco’s envelopes.

It is proved that sending a mail in an envelope is much less impacting on the environment than sending an electronic mail.

Our Job

The mailrooms which call upon POCHECO send hundreds of millions of invoices and statements out every day to their millions of customers.

These documents have to be processed and sent out the same day. As mailing techniques evolve, mailrooms become faster and more efficient.

Our customers choose our envelopes because of their consistent quality and reliability which enable them to keep up with the mailing evolution.